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OK, let's try and think up something interesting about me. There's a hard job!

I live in Australia (in Victoria actually). Both parents are still alive, I have two brothers, one older and one younger and a younger sisters - photos are in the album :)

I spend my time at work (I work at the Dandenong Oasis Swimming Pool and Leisure Centre) or at Riding for the Disabled nearby at Myuna Farm. My horse Shandii also works at RDA with me.

I like reading, gardening, pergamano and various other things at different times in my life. I do TRY to keep to one addiction at a time though.

I have included photos of the RDA horses and anything else I can think of, you just need to find them :)

A Favourite Place I Hoon About In
I spend a lot of my time on the Teresa Wentzler Bulletin Board (you can visit via the link below) chatting to my friends and generally learning heaps of new stuff

If you would like to email me I can be contacted on haidee@smartchat.net.au

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