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I've nicked little bits of this and that from other fanfics, mostly from people I've forgotten. Cookies to the people who can tell me to whom I owe apologies

Rated: NC17 I guess, rampant sex, not very squicky though. Almost PWP. This is the romance novel version. X rated version (not really) in custom page 4.

To borrow from someone else. I own nothing, JKR owns everything. Don't bother suing me, I have no money.

Feel free to MST. In fact, that's why I wrote it.

Dedicated: To everyone who got a cameo - verbal or physical, and to Cassie Claire. I pay homage to the goddess of fanfic


The kids are all grown up. Hermione is Head Librarian, Draco is DaDa Teacher, Harry is Quiddich Coach, Ginny married Seamus and is busy giving him Hell, Ron is playing musical chairs at the Ministry of Magic, Snape is still Potions Master and full of Snapey Goodness. Oliver married me and we are living happily ever after.


Things were getting stranger and stranger around Hogwart's these days, Hermione mused to herself, heading up the stairs to her suite in the teacher's wing. Colin had been sent to the hospital for a lie down. He swore he saw a tiny man igniting house elves and dancing on the remains. While shelving books today, she'd been distracted by what looked like a giant snow leopard looking in the Library window. What was weird, was that the Library was three storeys above the ground, and, unless that leopard had wings, it shouldn't have been able to see in. Unfortunately, while she was distracted one of the older grimoires had broken it's chains and gotten loose. Before she had been able to capture it and lock it back up it had terrorised the Library; devouring her favourite copy of ˜Hogwarts: A History", ravaging ˜Moste Potente Potions" and sending ˜The Bumper Fun Book of Riddles" into a screaming fit of hysterics. It took hours to calm that book down.

She had had to call a house-elf for something to eat. While she had been chasing down books, she'd missed dinner. The house elves seemed to be extremely nervous these days, constantly looking over their shoulders and disappearing as fast as they could. They screamed if you hummed too.

And, what was with the strange women carrying buckets? They were dressed strangely, not in robes, and seemed to have giggling fits whenever they saw her

She stopped at her door, fumbling for her keys. She could hear the shower running. She smiled - he was still awake.

Hermione wandered into the bedroom, eyes widening as she saw her lover, sprawled in naked abandon on the bed. They had been living together for the last few years and the sight still made her lose her breath in admiration. From the top of his silver-blond hair to the soles of his feet, Draco was stunning.

He looked up and grinned at her. Poor baby looked tired, she thought to herself. But then again, whenever she saw him nude she lost about 50 IQ points and control of her libido.

He stood up and stalked towards her, draping his towel over his shoulder and putting an extra swing in his hips.

He reached for her and she melted into his arms. She went up on tiptoe and pressed her lips to his. He looped his arms under her backside and lifted her into his embrace. With a grin she wrapped her legs around his waist and gripped him tight. He started walking backwards, with that wicked smile she loved so much.

Together they tumbled to the bed, locked in each others arms. He pressed his lips to her closed eyelids, her cheeks, and down her throat, only to be stopped by her shirt.

He stood up. "You have waaaaay too many clothes on" he muttered.
Draco started undoing her buttons. Using his teeth. Kissing down her chest as each small section of skin was revealed. She murmured agreement, wriggling her arms out of the sleeves as fast as she could. He dropped to his knees, the better to undress her. He paused at the waistband of her skirt. She gave a groan of frustration. He looked up, a twinkle in his eyes. He undid the fastening on her skirt and dropped it to the floor, stunned at the sight he beheld.

She was wearing his favourite underwear, bottle green silk panties with a matching suspender belt and dark stockings.

He slid the panties down her long, luscious legs, kissing his way down one leg and up the other. He didn't touch the rest of her underwear, unbelievably turned on by the sight of her wearing only her stockings and heels.

Her legs gave out. She collapsed on top of him, riding him to the floor. She could feel the hardness of him, against her stomach. It wasn't enough. She licked her way down his chest, lightly circling his nipples with her fingernails. She loved it when he shuddered like that. Mischievously she raked her nails down his flanks, from waist to knees, closer, and closer to her goal, but not quite reaching it, feeling him squirm with need. "Soon, soon" she crooned, loving the feeling of power, the sense of being in charge, of having him writhing at her mercy. She didn't have any.

She circled his naval with her tongue, dipping inside, before trailing down to his manhood. She placed a light kiss on the very tip, before running her tongue down the underside, massaging with her hands. He bucked violently, adoring the attention. She loved the taste of him, musk and sweat, with an underlying hint of that taste that was just him, aroused male.

She could see his throat tense, hear the hiss of his breath as he tried to keep control. Not if she could help it!

He gripped her arms, pulling her up his body, control almost gone. He ravished her mouth and rolled over, pressing her into the floor.

"No" she said, "Still my turn." She rolled back over, pinning him to the ground with her lithe body.

She sat on his thighs and ran her gaze down the length and breadth of him. All hers. She wrapped one hand around his maleness and stroked. Watching his face the entire time she loved him with her hands, her lips, her very being. His eyes opened as he lost control, handing it to her as he writhed and bucked, exploding in a never ending sea of satisfaction.

He levered himself off the ground, dragging her with him. They barely made it to the bed.

"Please" she whispered, "Now, I need you now."

"Not yet, not yet, not until you scream" he replied, laving attention on her breasts, first one, then the other. She couldn't help it, she had to move. She twisted against him, desperate for the end of her torment.

He settled between her thighs, running his tongue around her naval, lower, to the delta of her desire. He kissed her deeply, lovingly, she nearly levitated at the sensations running through her body, moaning and making small, helpless noises. She was almost there, she could almost touch the stars. Closer and closer to the edge of the cliff, teetering on the edge. She plummeted over, calling his name, shaking with the aftereffects of one of the most intense orgasms she had ever experienced.

When she could put two thoughts together she opened her eyes. She could see the mixture of lust, love and the smug look he always got on his face at these times.

She flipped him over, running her hands down his arms, she wrapped his hands around the bars on the headboard. "Leave them there" she ordered.

She explored Draco's chest, adoring every square inch of it. Not too much muscle, just enough. He was pale, paler than she was. She loved the contrast of her hands on his body. She ran her fingers down his side, lingering over each rib. She kissed one nipple, swirling her tongue around it, attending to it until it stood erect, then switching to the other.

Cold droplets of water hit her back, followed by cool lips, running down her spine. She looked at Draco, his face broke into an ear to ear grin as he looked over her shoulder. She turned. She threw herself at the other man, wrapping her arms around his throat, kissing him hysterically. He was home. They were together again. Never. Never was he allowed to go away so long ever again.
"Harry," she gasped, "When did you get back. We missed you!"
"About an hour or so ago" he smiled, relishing the pure happiness shining from her face.
"Hmmmmmm, and no one called me?"

"Can I let go now?" came a voice from the bed.

"No!" chorused the other two.

"OK, I'll just watch the reunion from here"

Hermione pulled Harry towards the bed. He didn't resist. In fact, he helped.
He leaned forward, brushing Draco's lips with his own, then leaning into his kiss, like a starving man presented with a feast.

"How convenient," he murmured, "we're already naked."
"Well, almost" he added, eyeing Hermione's garter belt. "I approve."

He stood behind her, arms around her waist. She leaned back into him, hands running though his hair, making it even more messy than usual.

"Are you going to leave me like this?" queried Draco, "Letting all this perfection go to waste?.... I'm lonely" he pouted.

Hermione and Harry looked at each other and laughed. "Not likely" she said as they both headed to the bed.

They landed one either side of Draco, hands reaching, lips kissing, Draco moaning and thrashing.

They ended in almost the same position as Draco and Hermione started in, Draco on his back, she sitting on his thighs, Harry behind her, running his hands up and down her back, drifting around her sides and over her breasts.

Hermione eased onto Draco's hardness, slowly, drawing the sensation out as long as she could. Harry was massaging her breasts, driving her out of her mind, he moved one hand down, lowering it gradually until he reached his goal. Sifting his fingers through the thatch of hair guarding her womanliness, he ran his finger over her love button, again and again, she leaned back, resting against his chest, trusting him to hold her up, while she gave over to the sensations racking her body. She exploded with a searing cry, collapsing across Draco's chest, almost weeping with ecstasy. Harry ran his hands down her back, sliding down the crevice between her buttocks, until he found what he was looking for. He was as hard as a rock. He needed, desperately to be inside her. She shifted slightly, giving him better access. He rubbed lubricant into the length of his erection, then slid it into her opening, slowly, tenderly, murmuring love words all the while. She gasped as he filled her. This was what she needed. This was what she craved. The two men in the world she loved most, both filling her at the same time.

Draco let go of the head board, pulling Harry to him, running his hands down Harry's back, Harry returning the favour. They moved in unison, rocking, heedless to the outside world, they were one organism, one being. This was how it was supposed to be. All three of them, together, as one

Hermione screamed in release, quickly followed by both men, too attuned to each other not to come together. They drifted for an eternity, too absorbed in their pleasure, and each others' closeness to even think coherently.

They slept, wrapped in each others' arms. Knowing that this was how it should be, how it must be, forever.

OK, everyone - have at it ** grin **