Belonging - the alternate version
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I’ve nicked little bits of this and that from other fanfics, mostly from people I’ve forgotten. Cookies to the people who can tell me to whom I owe apologies

Rated: NC17, rampant sex, this is the squicky version. Well, as rampant as I could make it. I guess I’m just not used to writing porn. PWP. You have been warned. This is just the sex bits. For the full version, see my first fic ‘Belonging’ on custom page 3

To borrow from someone else. I own nothing, JKR owns everything. Don’t bother suing me, I have no money.

Feel free to MST. In fact, that’s why I wrote it.

Dedicated: to all the MSTers out there – be nice. If you'd like to review for me, please sign my guestbook :)


Hermione wandered into the bedroom, eyes widening as she saw her lover, sprawled in naked abandon on the bed. From the top of his silver-blond hair to the soles of his feet, Draco was stunning.

Lust knotted her insides, twisting, she wanted him.

He stood up and stalked towards her, draping his towel over his shoulder and putting an extra swing in his hips.

He reached for her and she kissed him. He lifted her and she wrapped her legs around his waist.

Together they tumbled to the bed, locked in each others arms. He pressed his lips to her closed eyelids, her cheeks, and down her throat, only to be stopped by her shirt.

He stood up. “You have waaaaay too many clothes on he muttered.”
He tore at her clothes, using his teeth to pull off buttons, ripping her shirt in the process.

She was wearing his favourite set of underwear, bottle green silk panties with a matching suspender belt and dark stockings.

He slid the panties down her long, luscious legs, kissing his way down one leg and up the other. He didn’t touch the rest of her underwear, unbelievably horny, but loving the slutty look of her.

Her legs gave out. She collapsed on top of him, riding him to the floor. She could feel the his hard cock, against her stomach. It wasn’t enough. She licked her way down his chest, lightly circling his nipples with her fingernails. She grasped his penis, running her hands up and down the massive length, feeling him harden even more under her ministrations.

Her mouth closed over the tip of him, swirling her tongue around like her was her favourite lollipop, sucking and licking, she ran her tongue up and down, paying particular care to the underside of the head, blowing cool air on the engorged flesh making him almost come just in anticipation.

He gripped her arms, pulling her up his body, control almost gone. He ravished her mouth and rolled over, pressing her into the floor.

“No” she said, “Still my turn”. She rolled back over, pinning him to the ground with her lithe body.

She went back to work, using her teeth to lightly score the sides of his cock, licking the pre-come enthusiastically. He tensed, and she quickened her pace, until he exploded all over her breasts.

He levered himself off the ground, dragging her with him. They barely made it to the bed.

He massaged her breasts, spreading his seed over her mounds of enjoyment.

He moved lower, spreading her nether lips with his fingers, finding her clit and sucking on it, licking, feeling her getting wetter and wetter, hotter and hotter. She screamed his name, shaking with the intensity of her climax.

When she could move again she flipped him over, running her hands down his arms, she wrapped his hands around the bars on the bedhead. “Leave them there’ she ordered.

Cold droplets of water hit her back, followed by cool lips, running down her spine. She looked at Draco, He looked over her shoulder. She turned and saw Harry. He leaned forward, kissing Draco hard.

“How convenient,” he murmered, “we’re already naked.”
“Well, almost” he added, eyeing Hermione’s garter belt. “I approve.”

He stood behind her, arms around her waist. She leaned back into him, feeling his rampant erection in her back.

“Are you going to leave me like this?” queried Draco, “Letting all this perfection go to waste?.... I’m lonely” he pouted.

“Not likely” she said, pulling Harry down onto the bed.

They landed one either side of Draco, hands reaching, lips kissing, Draco moaning and thrashing,

She straddled Draco’s huge, throbbing prick, Harry behind her, running his hands over her breasts, pinching her nipples.

Hermione felt Draco’s dick sliding into her wet pussy. Harry had one hand on her breast, the other between her legs, rubbing her clit. She moved up and down, grinding her body down into Draco’s until she screamed, collapsing over his chest, spent. Harry leaned her forward and ran his hands down her arse. Placing his rock hard prick against her opening, he shoved in as hard as he could, wringing a scream of mingled pain and ecstacy from her. He pumped harder, matching rhythms with Draco, as they each ground against her.

Draco let go of the head board, pulling Harry to him, running his hands down the other man’s arse, pulling him in tighter. They moved together, one heaving, panting, pounding mass. Grunting, sweating they came one after the other, like a tidal wave of pure animal sex.

OK, everyone – have at it ** grin **